BHTTP is the most trusted Garment park and a beyond any doubt shot areas, that gives all around serivices with elite foundation, State of the craftsmanship, innovation, hardware and different arrangements that are favorable for the solid and fast development of the Indian material industry. The primary driver behind acquainting this unselfish stop is with support and upgrade the worldwide position of the material business and furthermore the enabling ladies by giving them work in the recreation center.

Our Advantages


Baramati Hitech Textile park is approved by Ministry of Textiles (Govt. of India) Under the Scheme For Integrated Textile Parks (SITP) introduced in 2005. Where-in ministry of textiles (Govt. of India) contributes to the approved parks to the extent of Rs. 40 Crores in the form of "Grant in Aid". So also in the same Govt. of Maharashtra contributes Rs. 9 Crore in the form of "Grant in Aid".


Textile Park has established its own training center at Park site providing 200 hours training to feed requirement of the entrepreneur seen November 2009. Till date, training center has trained for more than 3000 people which had maximum share of women. The training is given free of cost with all required material supplied by BHTPL. All the training is designed in such a way that they can work on high speed machine of 3250 RPM.


Hon. Shri. Sharad Pawar, Shri. Ajit Pawar and Ms. Supriya Sule having long run vision to make women of the surrounding area self sufficient, prove for themselves and make women improvement from real scene, paid their valuable contribution in setting up the Textile Park. The Training is also give to the women who can even only read or is just even 5th grade pass.


As this Textile Park is established in the rural area, the entrepreneur setting up their units within the Park are enjoying the state various benefits under Package Scheme of Incentives (PSI) introduced by Ministry of industries, Govt. of Maharashtra.


MSEDCL is kind enough to provide Baramati Hi-Tech Textile Park with a Exclusive setup of 5 MVA capacity sub-station where the units within BHTPL gets an un-interupted power supply.


Baramati Hi-Tech Textile Park Ltd has provided a space of 5400 Sq. mtr to MSEDCL, and has setup the sub-station at its own cost to provide the electricity at door step of the entrepreneur


Compared to ther industrial process that involves high risk, Garmnet industry has less or negligible risk at work. Also the Units in BHTPL works in one shift that makes it very convinient for women to work here. With this broad vision that helps women to get a safe and convinient job, Hon. Sharad pawar has brought this ambitious project to Baramati.


The vision of Hon. Sharad pawar has come to be true as the women, who where working at fields or doing housework had joined BHTPL and earned their own identity which resulted in drastic change in their lifestyle and standard of living.


The Women from surrounding of 25 Km to 30 Km are coming to Textile Park to earn their own bread. This labour is made readily and assuredly available to the units in BHTPL which posseses high skill for Garment Industry.

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