CEO’s desk

CEO, Baramati Hi-Tech Textile Park Ltd.

Mr. M. B. Sankeshwarkar

It is indeed a pleasure and a matter of pride for me to sound aloud the achievements of BHTPL. BHTPL was incepted in the year 2008 as a SPV under the “Scheme of Integrated Textiles Parks”, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. It is registered as a “Not for Profit” Public Limited Company, as it’s main activity is to facilitate various Entrepreneurs’ to set up manufacturing facilities in the park.

Baramati is a small town on the southern tip of Pune District in Maharastra, India. This has been a chemical free zone. Keeping this in mind, BHTPL has concentrated more on Garment Manufacturers as its members. Over the past 8 years more than a dozen companies have set up operations here to manufacture products ranging from Fancy Children Wear to Men’s and Women Apparel to Special facilities for Sports Wear and ensembles. Many of the companies are exporting products across the globe, proving the facility to be of world standard.



One of the most adorable achievement that BHTPL achieved is the volume in generating jobs. Traditionally Baramati has been depending on an Agricultural Economy. BHTPL successfully collaborated with about 100 villages / settlements in the radius of 25 kms from the park and generated employment for more than 3000 people – 80% of this being women. The challenge was to get these people skilled / semi-skilled and industrial ready. For this the park made the necessary logistic arrangements to ensure all could travel to any destination with ease. The park also set up a state of the art training facility to transform a agricultural workers to machine operating garment workers. This not only brought about cheer among the localities, but also attracted the younger generation. The training centre is housed in a modern Community Centre which also houses a Bank, Cafeteria, Logistic Agencies among others. This resulted in various other business growing in the area.

The park has also set up ‘Industrial Galas’. A concept popular in India. This is a perfect requirement for the Small and Medium Enterprises who are generally not full fledged garmenting units but serve as auxiliary units to the main units. These include allied services like printing, washing & industrial laundry, packaging etc.

I have been actively promoting ‘The Environmental Forum’ in Baramati. The textile park is a classic example of its implementation. At the park we strongly discourage the use of plastic and Paper consumables. This has ensured in reduced waste generation. Although a relative dry area, the park has developed all open areas into lovely gardens, thereby ensuring fresh and clean air. This has also helped in creating health awareness among all the workers. Regular workshops on Health, Hygiene and Sanitation are conducted to educate everyone of the benefits, so that the ideas are not just practiced in the park, but also carried to each workers home. The park also strictly follows the prohibition of consumption of Tobacco in all forms in the premises. We value the culture and festivals that the local population has been observing. We encourage these activities in the park. Thereby the worker never feels ‘socially left off’ and also harmony is ensured between all workers and the members. Every year a ‘Eco-Friendly’ Ganesh idol is installed and Ganeshotsav celebrated. Waterless Holi is also celebrated.

The icing of the cake is that the park is compliant in every way. This is the biggest boon for exporters. This makes the worker over here competent internationally. In short BHTPL has successfully generated employment, encouraged business, been environmental friendly, socially and legally compliant and is therefore a force to reckon with. Not leaving any stone unturned, the park is nothing but the best among the 30 odd parks that were sanctioned by the Government of India.

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